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      About the quality, about the price, about the price ratio..

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      每個客戶都想以最少付出得到最大利益,但是還得面對現實。 有客戶認為這只是一件機器,隨便能包Ok就好,不必投資那么大的,因為我是在旺季的時候才用。 也有客戶是喜歡好的,有質量的,他們覺得價格貴也能接受,畢竟是用在自己包裝生產上面的。

      Every customer wants to get the maximum benefit at least, but he has to face the reality.
      Some customers think that this is just a machine, it is OK to arbitrarily pack Ok, and do not have to invest so much, because I only use it during peak season.
      Some customers are fond of good quality. They think the price is high and acceptable. After all, they are used in their own packaging production.
      In fact, we can see that the machine is in the eyes of the customer what kind of status, is to buy to increase their own fixed assets, need to use time, or need to use the enterprise production. The key lies in the mentality of the customer, what mentality to pay, what will be rewarded.
      Like we do the packaging machine, in fact, no matter what kind of material you use, electrical appliances, accessories made what kind of machine, all the same, are used in the packaging products. The key is what do you like?
      Marketing is not a saying, trying to make customers more expensive and happier. The price of our machine is reasonable and reasonable.
      Many customers have needs, but they are only entangling the price. He told us: XX the packer in that area is much cheaper than yours.
      I told him, "you say it's cheap, so it's definitely not very good in terms of cost, workmanship, quality, and so on. We've been looking at that area, and it's really cheap."
      The customer laughed and said, do you agree that you are cheap, too?
      I told him patiently: but unlike us, the area is only cheap, the production cycle is short, and there is no quality. After all, the machine is not small. After all, the machine is not small, the rack, the plate needs to bend and cut the welding. It also needs to install electrical accessories, adjust the program, test the operation, not one or two days can be made. More importantly, we pay attention to quality. We attach great importance to details. After all, we should use it practically in the packaging of the products of the enterprise, because the quality of the packaging will directly affect the sales.
      Customer: Well, if there is any reason, let me have a good understanding of your packaging machine first.
      In fact, we all want to buy bargains as much as possible. This is human instinct. Many times, customers say that our prices are expensive and are more expensive than others. It is not that the real price is expensive. I think the customers say the price is expensive, it may be the emotional language, the instinct is to talk about it, and see if it can be given to them.
      Perhaps customers do not know much about machines and do not understand the market. In fact, now is the Internet age, the price is very transparent, online search search will know, ha ha.
      About quality, about price, about cost performance, it's really not very easy to say, who will not say that their home things are doing well, right? For good or bad, it can only be left to the customer to verify.

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