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      DDU-1604 vertical circular bottle automatic labeling machine

      Name:DDU-1604 vertical circular bottle automatic labeling machine


      Equipment performance characteristics:

      This machine is suitable for automatic labeling of round bottles and square bottles in various industries.
      Using the power round rubber wheel rolling rubbing pressure gauge to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of labeling, the belt clamp can be used to solve the problem of long and short axis of the square bottle rubbing.
      Chinese and English double operation interface, and color identification block, easy to learn, truly intelligent equipment.
      High power, ultra small inertia, large torque motor, the speed can reach 45 meters / minute.
      The 8 dimension space of the marker is adjusted, and the bottle type can be adjusted by multiple channels. The angle can be inclined at + 12 degrees, and the tapered bottle label can be easily completed.

      Technical parameters:
      220V 50 Hz 1200W

      Product model
      Labeling speed:
      45 meters per minute
      Maximum outer diameter of label:
      Ф350 mm
      Inner diameter of labelled paper core:
      Maximum width of label:
      Paper core diameter:
      Whole machine size:
      approximately280 kg




      No. nine, No. 98, Pacific Industrial Zone, Xintang Town, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou

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